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I'm back
Life And Creative Goals / Jun 21st, 2019 12:50 pm     A+ | a-
It feels a bit like I've been on paternity leave.  Since getting a puppy my work schedule has been thrown into confusion.  I need to build a bigger workshop which can accomodate a dog basket so I can beaver away whist he snoozes in the corner. :)

​I've created a number of jewellery pieces to order over the past few weeks but I could be doing more to promote myself. Here are some of the more popular items I've made recently.  The cover picture of this post features a ring which is one of my trickier pieces to make.  I'll share the method I used to make it in a WIP post.

​Frodo is doing well.  He's just as energetic at 15 months and still can't let a dog pass him by without checking it out.  This makes his walks very stop-starty affairs.  
So my priority at the moment has to be to sort out my workshop, web presence and social networking.  I have spent some time decluttering as a tidy house means a tidy mind and my mind is definitely disorderly at the moment.

​I'll be posting regularly in the coming weeks as this is the best way for me to chart my progress. 
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